what are ampano technologies?


With a tireless commitment to details and problem solving, many large and complicated projects have been delivered. The key is a strong intereset in delivering qulity technology solutions. The intereset technology was aroused at an early age for the founder, whereby some simple rules where passed from father to son.

* You put your name on everything you do. So do it with pride!

* If you are careful with details and do what you promised, you will go a long way!
* Be open, honest and tranparent to those you deliver! Regardless of wheter problems araise!

* Nothing is ever impossible!

over the years, ampano has refined services in:

  • Development of software solutions for the security industry
  • Data visualisation and analytics
  • Design, production, implementation, training and support of integration projects
  • Consultation in security systems in general and integration in particular
  • Deliveries to all different customer segments such as hospitals, prison services, large security manufacturers, security companies, energy companies, regions and more